Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Wonder and Risk of Comic Book and Burrito Reviews!

It just so happens that recently I became a staff writer (okay, more like regular contributor) to brand new Seattle-based culture blog, Wonder and Risk.  The blog will feature several articles on must-see local art performances, interesting personal stories and creative non-fiction.  Along with all of the aforementioned life-changing prose from much more grammatically talented writers, I'll be sneaking in some weekly reviews of stupid stuff I love!  So far I've submitted an important who, what, where of local comic book shops which will obviously change your view on the world at large!  You can read it here!  Coming up, I'll have a handy guide on what alleged authentic Mexican restaurants and food trucks have the best burritos!  Until that prize-winning piece of journalism hits the web, feel free to check out the other articles about cocktails, space and a Buddhist pilgrimage or something!

P.S. To answer your question, no, I don't know how I got this job either. 

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