Tuesday, January 10, 2012


You *guys!  Rewind This!, a documentary about the history and culture surrounding VHS tapes, distribution, art and nostalgia, is currently in the post-production stage!  Created from the brains and tireless work of Josh Johnson, Carolee Mitchell and Christopher Palmer of Austin, TX based IPF Productions, this upcoming definitive documentary about the home video cinema includes interviews with Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira!), Lloyd Kaufman (Founder of Troma Entertainment!), Charles Band (Founder of Full Moon Features) and more!

Carolee, Josh and Christopher at
Troma with Lloyd Kaufman!
If you have some extra change lying around, I suggest you make a donation to help this film into completion rather than a donation to your local McDonalds.  Why am I pushing this so hard?  I love shitty movies.  I love shitty movie art.  I love shitty movies and shitty movie art on VHS.  So hard.  If you don't believe me, see my sister site: The Enematic Cinematic.  **Oh and I'm totally interviewed in this documentary too!

Douchebaggery finally properly captured
on the silver screen!
*You're right.  It's shitty of me to assume only men read my blog.  Also, it's probably shitty of me to assume plural people read my blog.  You dear reader are the only one that matters to me, whether you be man, woman, trans, non-identifying or my mom.  Hi mom.

**Unless my scenes are cut.  Which is LIKELY, but for now, I'm TOTALLY in the trailer!

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