Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seattle Crypticon and Creepy Childhood Crushes

Me and Linnea!  It just got savage in these streets!
The last weekend in May marked my very first experience at Seattle's annual all kinds of horror festival known as Crypticon.  I was asked by the uber funny person and a buddy of mine, Derek Sheen, to do a small comedy show with him along with fellow Seattle comics, Emmett Montgomery, Travis Vogt and David TV.  The Con, which took place at The Hilton Hotel in SeaTac, treated us to topless chubby goth women, the selling of real human skulls, kool-aid shots and horror movie celebrities.

Derek Sheen and (Kool-Aid)
I was able to meet Chop Top, get pictures with my childhood crush (probably bad parenting involved in there) Linnea Quigley and got hit on by Andy from Child's Play!  Plus, they had a industrial dance night thing after our show (which competed with a S&M slave auction in the room next door) with free booze!  I'm coming back next year for sure!

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