Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I Learned From Pub Quizzes This Week...

As my training begins to become a Geeks Who Drink Quizmaster, I realize there is very little I know about the world at large (or anything that happened prior to the 70's).  In order to spread my new wealth of random knowledge, I will share with you sporadic facts I learn after each pub quizzing experience.  I should warn you, it may very well change your life (but probably not)...

Week One Random Facts:

1.  Fitness guru and Vietnam protestor, Jane Fonda once won an Oscar.  The movie was called, KLUTE, where she played a hooker and has (alleged) REAL on-camera sex with co-star Donald Sutherland.  Gross.  Side note: Donald Sutherland was once in fact, not old.

2.  Batman has made philosophical statements that rival Frederick Nietzsche.

3.  You should not call the doctor from Doctor Who, Doctor Who.  He is simply, The Doctor (enter # here).

4.  The French Open just happened and somebody won it.

5.  President Theodore Roosevelt once had a badger thrown at his face and kept it as a pet because he, like all badgers, doesn't give a shit.

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