Monday, January 31, 2011

Showcase Show Thing and SLEEEEPPP....


Children of the Atom officially have our first showcase on Wednesday, February 2 at Seattle's Comedy Underground!  Fuck yeah.  Hopefully I can get out of work in order to host it. 

Also, I need to sleep.  Like, more.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pizza, Desk Adventures and Top Ramen Hair

The debut of the new weekly comedy show Incubation happened last night, produced by my comedy group Children of the Atom and created/hosted by my bunny-obsessed buddy Barbara Holm.  The show was great, but my signif was too kind and decided to leave behind a debit card for me while he is in L.A.  Drinks upon drinks were bought along with the inevitable pizza purchase and mozzarella sticks and cheese bread and more wine. 

The after party at my place included the aforementioned things along with a drunken decision to ditch a desk outside my apartment building that resulted in getting yelled at by the manager of the halfway house next door.  Then it was on to N'sync videos and a cold, hard reminder that Justin Timberlake's hair when grown out and bleached blond looks exactly like an uncooked package of Top Ramen.  I did not fulfill my initial promise  to my friend Alex of Nintendo gaming, which was the initial reason for the party, but seriously, hooking that shit up would've taken at least ten minutes which is valuable drinking time when you hope to pass out by 2 am. 

I am sad Alex is leaving for Japan next week, but I'm excited for her up and coming modeling career.  I offered to room with her and model together like some kind of wacky/sexy live action manga, but then I remembered the Japanese aren't really low on short, nobby-kneed girls with black hair.  Oh well, I guess all dreams can't come true.   

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WOW, My Days Off Are Lame

Yesterday on my day off...I spent some of the day cleaning my apartment, part of the day moving the treadmill I borrowed from a friend (and never use) into my bedroom and most of the night organizing my action figures on my comic book shelf.  Then I decided to start a free 10 day trial of the new World of Warcraft: CataclysmThen I contemplated suicide.  Then I watched The Big Bang Theory and had some apple juice and everything was good again.  Huzzah.