Thursday, March 31, 2011

And Now Coming To The Stage...Comedianne....

I might be fairly new at stand up comedy, but I'm completely versed in the experience of being treated unequally as a woman in a hobby or interest that I love.   Not that I mean to say that these are the only times I experience sexism,  but they're often the most frustrating and hurtful.  There is a feeling of commradery amongst those whom you share a common interest with, a feeling of belonging.  Unfortunately in these cases, that feeling is completely shattered by archaic, ignorant notions that for some reason because you are a woman you must be and think one way.

As a kid it started as simple as this...I am a girl and I liked to climb things.  Apparently, my weak girl arms and my limited view of adventuring (which of course must surround Barbie weddings and teddy bear tea parties) meant that I shouldn't be climbing trees.  If I ever challenged a boy my age to prove this notion and let's say, was completely willing and able to climb said tree, I was then considered "good for a girl" and received the term "tomboy".  You know, because if you're a girl and you're good at something boys do then you're not living proof that these stereotypes about women everywhere are complete bullshit, but instead a stand out case of a singular woman being able to rise above the lesser gender she was so unfortunately born into.

Later in life it was my love of video games.  If I was able to beat a boy at Street Fighter, I was obviously just mashing buttons.  I was even told at one point that I was not allowed to sign up for a video game tournament at a gaming store by the owner due to the fact that his customers, "...won't be happy about losing to a girl."   This of course is not where this bullshit ends.  When I worked at a comic book store it was assumed I had no in depth knowledge concerning comic history.  Customers would often turn to male employees without even bothering to ask me questions at all.  How the hell did they think I got that fucking job?

Another love of mine throughout my life has been stand up comedy.  I've been watching both live comedy and stand up specials since I was very young.  I always wanted to be a stand up comic, but besides various reasons as to why I hadn't tried until recently, there was always one glaring problem I had with comedy in general.  I understand that comedy is a reflection of societal structures and beliefs and a lot of those beliefs I don't agree with, but it is still hard for me to watch people that I have admired my whole life tell me that because I am a woman, I am beneath them.

People might tell me that I should respect opinions, but I don't believe treating people equally is an opinion.  It should be common sense to believe that everyone should be treated equally.  It's just the right thing to do.  It's basic human logic to not think all people of one race, gender, sexuality, etc act and think all the same.  That is simply impossible.  Sexism, racism and homophobia is blatantly anti-intellectual.  My race, gender or sexuality in no way determine my personality on a basic scientific basis.  No one's does.  Personality is based on at least 70% environment and if you attempt to factor genetics such as race, gender or sexuality in there, the only reason it might is due to societal views on them.

I've had to endure this treatment with everything I enjoy.  I know this is a symptom of the sexist society we live in, but I'm fucking sick and tired of it.  I'm not making these statements about my interests to in any way say that I'm "cooler than most girls" or that I don't consider myself a "girlie girl."  I am a girl.  No matter how many comic books I read, video games I play, monetary things I don't give a shit about, girls nights I don't have, cats I don't own, Sex in the City movies I don't see or periods I skip I will always be a girl and I'm not the only girl like this.

So stop telling us that all women "do" or "say" "this" bullshit.  I'm tired of these generalities about women.  IT'S NOT FUCKING TRUE and most importantly, IT'S NOT FUCKING FUNNY.  I'm tired of being lumped into a certain brand of comedy just because of my gender.  Please do not call women "female comics" and PLEASE do not use the word "comedianne."  Do so and expect to get a used tampon thrown at your face.    

The 80's Are Back...To Haunt Your Fucking Dreams!

I just learned how to safely download YouTube videos!  Now the quote compilation and fat ladies falling DVDs are imminent!  Also, I'll be able to compile clips of the live action Teddy Ruxpin movie and My Pet Monster into one continuing uninterrupted fucked up experience!!!  YESS!!!