Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something That Didn't Need To Happen...

Fuck you Twilight. You have managed to make every movie studio turn two of my favorite classic movie monsters into whiny fucking dick farts for at least the next four years.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Forf of July

Things I like to do to celebrate "independence" or whatever...

1.  Make sure I sustain a joint injury, preferably something along the lines of road rash in a necessary area such as right knee a few nights prior so any sort of long term standing and/or walking long distances will assuredly be painful.  

2.  Work my part time customer service job until 9:00 PM, requiring 8 hours of continuous standing with intervals of stair climbing and knee bending.

3.  Attend a 4th of July party after my shift that requires I walk several blocks.

4.  Make it to the party just in time to see the beginning of the fireworks, grab a drink and a plate of delicious food.

5.  Break off a tooth after two bites.

6.  Leave the party I just walked to in pain, slightly embarrassed and hungry, then walk the hour long walk home, missing the firework show.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!