Sunday, July 7, 2013

Top 50 Hottest Women In Comedy...And Me!

Last night I received a Google Alert (yes, I have those set up, shut up) on my phone that informed me my name had been mentioned in a new post on lesbian and bi-sexual pop culture blog, After Ellen.comAfter Ellen interviewed me earlier this year for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, along with a handful of other comics performing, so I at first just assumed maybe someone had made fun of my face in the comments section of that article.  I followed the link on the alert, only to shockingly find out that instead of being the butt of someone's fat joke, I had been mentioned in a new post...writer Erika Star's 50 Hot Women in Comedy List.  WHAT???  Before I could prove to myself this was a joke, I looked it over and this list is legit.  With the likes of Rhea Butcher, Emily Heller, Candy Lawrence, Ever Mainard, Morgan Murphy, Cameron Esposito, Jessi Klein, Amy Schumer, Tig Notaro and Maria Bamford, this is practically a list of the best comics in the business, period (not a pun).  I can't believe my name and goofy headshot is mentioned in the same post with all of these women I admire so much, both professionally (and attractively) and even harder to figure out is how I made it based, at least partially, on my weird face!!!  All I can say is special thanks to After Ellen and the lovely Erika Starr for even considering me for this.  This is the greatest honor I've ever received!!     

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